AMARA - A Splendid Destination to Curate Memories

People who wish to host breath-taking party with their friends, the Amara Hotel & Banquet is the best place for party near me. It’s a one stop destination with most trendy, chic, and alluring restaurants where you can treat your guests with immense warmth and harmony. Bridge the gap between you and your guests by providing gorgeous, pocket-friendly, and surreal cheapest place for party in South Delhi. One commendable quality the Delhi people have that they take life as it comes and never miss any chance to celebrate. Amara Banquet offers you opportunity to chug unlimited foods and beverages, splendid music to dance in an amazing ambience. 


People of Delhi are the most hospitable ones in India. One will find them very lively and cheerful, completely full of life. Amara Hotel offer you small Party Place in Delhi which is quite popular amongst youngsters due to its amazing vibe. Our tailor-made soothing ambience is to offer unconditional fun and enjoyment. At Amara, tit is ensured that something new and happening is stored for everyone. You will be taken aback by the stunning décor, perfect tune, and good vibes of the place. We offer both outdoor and indoor seating facility to ensure guests have great partying time. Whether you wish to organize bachelor parties or birthday parties, Amara Hotel and Banquet is the right destination. 


Amara offers you the pocket-friendly menu, the well-stocked bar is certainly the cherry on the top thus, making it the perfect place for celebration. We aim to provide you the perfect ambience, with soft music, decorous surroundings with the fine-dining experience. Our most parties include 3 course meal, which include appetizers, main course, and desserts. If you want to keep it simple or add some more cuisine, it’s totally up to you.

Our some of mouth – watering dining menu includes:


  1. North Indian
  2. Italian
  3. Chinese
  4. Continental
  5. Multi-Cuisine


At Amara, you can also plan for a theme party. 


  • Traditional North Indian dinner 
  • Chaat Party / Street Food
  • BBQ party 
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Get Together
  • Birthday Party

Amenities & Accommodation

Amara offers you a well-accommodated air-conditioned banquet hall having a capacity of 100-200 people at once. We are ready with an open space in the form lawn to offer which proves to be ideal for 300-1000 guests. Our accommodation choices will make your guests stay worth remembering and you will be appreciated for your choice. 

To have a wonderful and magnificent party, we offer some basic amenities as well.

  • Basic lighting
  • Uninterrupted Electricity 
  • Power Backup
  • Free Parking
  • Premium Room
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Elevator/Lift
  • Air Conditioning
  • Room Service
  • Intercom
  • Refrigerator
  • Housekeeping
  • Public Restrooms
  • Laundry Service
  • Newspaper
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Ironing Service

Amara is the only choice you should make where you will have great hospitality experience, professional assistance, and stunning surroundings. The Party Place Near Me are available in various sizes; our professionals will help you choose the right banquet hall that will accommodate all your guests. Dazzling marble floors, embellished walls and arches, plush seating arrangements, and the classic crystal chandeliers will add glamour to your party. 

Entire venue covers catering along with the décor services leaving very little for you to worry. Though you are free to get your preferred vendors on board to curate as per your preference. The added services like complimentary changing rooms are the perks of this stunning venue.

 At Amara, we have a team of well-trained professionals, who come together to make your dream come true. Entire team ensure to make your party memorable and thrilling. From proper party planning to its execution, we do it through a checklist and by creating an event timeline. This helps in smooth functioning of the event. Even if you are ignorant about party planning, you can still organize a memorable one with our help. End of the day, parties help in bringing people together and giving them ultimate fun. Our process is designed with a thoughtful mind and utilizing it with a compass to make your major party decisions foolproof. Our experienced planners take ample time in making arrangement and depending upon how large and complex party you want to organize; they begin the preparation. 


Our professionals help in:

  • Choosing theme
  • Determining budget
  • Booking venue
  • Vendors
  • Making a guest list 
  • Sending invitations
  • Ordering food and beverages
  • Dancing to Games
  • Ordering a Cake (If its birthday party)
  • Looking for Return Gifts


Our Party Planners are proficient in making arrangement for everything. Equipped with well trained and educated staffs; they are ready to serve you. Polite in behavior, good etiquette, and manners; these professionals add warmth and harmony to the party. Certainly, it’s a fact that an effective team can make anything successful. 


Our well-trained professionals possess:


  • Good organizing skills- To Track what must be done
  • Time management skills- For prioritizing activities each day
  • Collaboration skills- one who can work with multiple people with different attitude
  • Managerial skills- knows how to delegate tasks to different people
  • A sense of foresight- to predict scenarios in different situations and circumstances.